Award Winning Cannabis Sativa Strains And Their Effects To The Body

A good number of cannabis users are not aware that there are different strains of their favorite fix. They don’t know that some of these strains have won awards in the cannabis cup championships.

There are three strains of the cannabis plant These are indica, sativa and hybrid. Each strain has different benefits depending on the type.

Characteristics of the Sativa Strain

  • The sativa strain takes more time to flower than the other two strains, but the produce received is high and makes the wait worthwhile.
  • It originated from Africa, Asia South and Central America. It also grows naturally in Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Cambodia.

Benefits of the Sativa Strain

  • It has an energizing and uplifting high.
  • Its effects are said to make the user very sociable and creative.
  • Helps relieve symptoms of different mental disorders such as stress or anxiety.

Let us explore some of the award winning strains and their effects.

Super Silver Haze

Many people got to know about the Super Silver Haze in the 90s when it became the number one in the High Times Cannabis Cup BC Dispensary online This hybrid is a mixture of Haze, Skunk and Northern Lights. This is a prominent sativa because of this combination. Users like it because of its uplifting and energetic feeling.

In 9-10 weeks this strain will start producing flowers. The Silver Super Haze grows well both indoors and outdoors. The harvest when grown indoors is about 450-550gm/m2, while outdoors the yield is 550g per plant. The plant grows to be quite tall and exhibits a powerful stature.

G13 Haze (Barney’s Farm)

The G13 Haze is a sativa strain that is worth yours salt. In 2007 this strain was the winner of the High Times Cannabis Cup. Many of the people who use it really like it for its unique effects and growth patterns.

The G13 Haze doesn’t grow as tall as other sativa strains Its maximum height is 50-100 cm and is the best to grow indoors. This hybrid takes about 70-80 days to start flowering. Although it takes long to flower, the harvest is quite good.

Neville’s Haze 

You cannot compare the unique and uplifting effects of this strain to any other. It is a strong sativa that is purely haze. Users say it produces both creative and stimulating feelings.

The Neville’s Haze about 14 weeks to flower and therefore a lot of patience is needed to maintain the buds. When this strain matures, those who grow indoors get about 700g/m2 and the outdoor growers get about 1200g per plant.

The sativa strain can be a good friend to the cannabis smokers. Users claim that its consumption makes them flow with energy and quite creative. It is good to take this strain in small doses if you have anxiety problems, but for chronic pains this is best.