4 Top Award Winning Cannabis Sativa Strains

There are three strains of the cannabis plant and sativa is one of them. The other two are indica and hybrid.

For most people the sativa strain is the social strain Many of its users go for the energizing effects which are said to promote creativity and sociability. Most of them also want to get high and not the medical aspect.

The sativa strain came from Africa, Asia Central and South America, but you can now find it growing naturally in Mexico, Thailand, Brazil and Cambodia.

People with mental conditions such as depression can use this strain because it uplifts your mood. It is good for poor eaters as it boosts appetite.

Here are the top award-winning sativa strains according to https://www.cheapweed.ca/buy-my-weed-online/

The World Famous Strain: Jack Herer

This strain has won multiple awards. It is also a combination of sativa and indica, with sativa taking the largest share. The World Famous Strain was named after Jack Herer who pushed for cannabis to be legalized in the US.

The spicy aroma of this strain, from the best online dispensary Canada has the ability to bring a cooling effect on the user. This cooling effect is good for people with lung problems.

The Espresso: Durban Poison

The Durban Poison contains sativa as the only strain. The smell of this strain is spicey and is perfect for day time use. The effects give you a creative boost. The Durban Poison has medical uses which include migraine relief and increased appetite.

The Comical Strain: Hawaiian Snow

The Hawaiian Snow has won four cannabis cup awards in the recent few years. This strain is also a combination of sativa and indica strains, with sativa taking the lead with 80%. It is good for sufferers of anxiety and depression because of its energizing and uplifting properties.

You can compare its scent to that of incense. Many of its users are drawn to it for its eucalyptus flavour. The interesting thing about this strain is its ability to make the user giggle uncontrollably.

The Hard Hitter Strain: Moby Dick

This strain was developed more because of its medical value. It brings a euphoric feeling at the same time making you feel spaced out.

It contains 75% sativa, has a citrus smell and pleasant vanilla flavour It is good for you if what you are looking for is just to get high.

It leaves you feeling lazy because of its numbing effects. If you are feeling anxious, depressed or stressed this is your best option.

It is a personal choice on which strain to use. However if you suffer from depression or are looking for something to boost your mood, you can get that from all sativa and sativa dominant strains.