Overdose As An Effect Of Consuming Marijuana Edibles

There are many forms in which marijuana is taken, marijuana edibles is a common form. How is marijuana edible? Someone may ask well, it is used as an ingredient during baking of cakes, cookies and even candy making. This is mostly consumed by the youth during birthday parties or during youth events so that they get into the “zone”.

One of the common effects of taking marijuana edibles is overdosing, just like other food when taken into the body through the mouth, it undergoes the process of digestion which takes some hours before it is absorbed into the bloodstream. The muffins and cookies with marijuana when taken into the body do not have an immediate effect compared to smoking marijuana buy my weed online, thus one may tend to consume more and more marijuana edibles thinking that they are not making the person high.

One may tend to overdose as a way of stress management, or to avoid a certain situation that seems to be disturbing your mind, or a way to deal with depression. A marijuana edible overdose is a serious situation since it can lead to death or one may have a serious injury since at that state.

How do you know that someone has overdosed?

  • The person may be unresponsive when

    asked a question he or she does not give an answer and tends to stare at you.

  • The person may look “lost”, not aware of the surrounding he or she is in.Lacks the ability to remember how he got there or who he came with.
  • His/her heartbeat may be rapid due to the excess of marijuana intake in the body, this is harmful since it may lead to having a stroke.
  • A long term effect of overdosing on marijuana dibbles is having memory loss, and hallucinations one in a while.

How do you help someone who has overdosed on marijuana edibles?

  • Call for help, or enter the nearest emergency room so that the person may get help, could be by a nurse or someone with the knowledge on how to help a person in such a case.
  • The marijuana could have an effect on the persons breathing ability, one should administer a CPR or call for someone who knows how to.
  • If possible take the person to hospital and if the driving ensures that you don’t let the person drive, do it yourself.
  • If the person is awake, give the overdosed person some water to drink and one more thing is do not to force the overdosed victim to throw up.

One way that one can avoid a marijuana overdose is by abstaining from consuming marijuana The other way is to take in minimum amounts of weed.

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