Having researched both Indica and  Sativa Weed, one cannot easily differentiate the two. 

Indica is more often used for relaxation, while Sativa weed is used for various purposes like increasing creativity and focusing and “high head” terms are used by those who abuse the drug.

Here is the exciting part of these two drugs, one can easily fall into the trap of it either positively or negatively. For instance, “getting high” In a spur of seconds, when you take a blow of weed, one finds themselves mimicking certain words, others might as well be laughing all through, and others find it relaxing and stress-free.

Crazy! Have you ever lived in a town where some individuals saw collecting litter and behaving weirdly? Well, we have an answer for you. Society tends to describe them as once they were drug addicts, especially Indica and Sativa Weed

Due to the prolonged and uncontrolled drug use, one might run “Crazy,” At the end of the day, their brains can’t withstand the number of drugs used and end up affecting the nervous system. 

In addition, if one can’t be taken to rehabilitation centres, they might find themselves on the so-called streets and end up living a life one never wished

Luckily, these drugs tend to affect one’s life positively. 

Research has shown that these drugs may be used as medication, i.e. reduction of pain through relaxation, reducing inflammation, and also helping in glaucoma, which is associated with visual disturbance. 

Differences between the two drugs. 

If I were to be given a task to differentiate the two, yes, I can, but all done through my research. 

Indica and Sativa Weed both are from the cannabis plant but different parts of the plant. 

Indica is generated from broad leaves, while Sativa is from narrow leaves but the same plant as cannabis. Indica is associated with total body effects, while Sativa is for specific psychological effects. 

Sativa is often thought of as a daytime strain as it makes one productive, creative and focused, while Indica is known as a nighttime strain as it makes one feel relaxed.


Sativa and Indica have positive and negative effects on one’s health, and if you are curious to know how it might help you, consult a doctor, especially if you are in a state that has legalized it. They will help you see what suits your needs best.

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