What You Need to Know About Buying Weed Online in Canada

Buying a drug online is a great risk to your health status. That sentiment is valid, especially when the goods are illegal in the country in question or do not pass through the country’s food and drug act. The tragedy is that you have no means to verify the legitimacy of these online sites. Trustworthy aside, you also do not have the means to verify the safety of the weed that you will end up purchasing. Additionally, you do not have proof of whether your cannabis seller is licensed or not. Herein, I will highlight a few things you need to know when buying weed online in Canada.

Cannabis healthy and adverse effects

The fact that Canada has legalized weed doesn’t guarantee that the weed is healthy. Even if somebody were to deny it, the adverse effects of cannabis would outweigh its therapeutic effect. The tragedy is that most of the weed purchased online is found to have contaminants like pesticides. That tells you that most dealers online are not federally licensed to sell weed. To be precise, ensure you verify the creditworthiness of an online seller before entering into purchasing terms; otherwise, you will end up purchasing poison.


You need to be aware of scammers and their tricks to sell online. A scammer will request payment via weird means such as cryptocurrency regarding weed selling. A legit seller will either have the mode of payment as a credit card or a debit card. Additionally, any seller that uses a generic address such as Gmail is a scammer. Unlike legit sellers, scammers will not verify the age of users of cannabis. You will also note that a scammer’s website is disorganized. Use all the available methods to track scammers when buying weed online in Canada.

Cannabis sales and use regulations

The Canadian Cannabis Act stipulates all the limits of cannabis use and distribution. For instance, a person under 18 is not allowed to consume or possess cannabis. If you are in Canada, make sure you are of the legal cannabis consumer age and order the maximum amount the government allows you to have. If you are outside Canada, consider whether cannabis is legal in your country before buying weed online in Canada.


Purchasing online requires one to know the dangers of online selling and the rules governing cannabis use. This article is a good reference if you contemplate Buzz by Shiva’s online dispensary.