Difference between Indica and Sativa

Difference between Indica and Sativa

One may find it difficult to choose a cannabis strain due to a variety available in the market. It is important to know the different effects of each strain on the body. The effects are determined by the chemical compounds contained in each cannabis strain. 

Difference between Indica and Sativa

Indica vs. sativa strains are different although they are obtained from the same plant. Indica plants have broad leaves and are always short while sativa plants are tall and thinner in appearance. It has pointed and thin leaves.

Indicas decrease the energy level on the body while sativa help to increase productivity. Sativa plants tend to grow taller and produce little medicine compared to indica.

Indica effects

They are believed to have an effect on the whole body. These symptoms include having heavy limbs. It believed that they help one to develop a feeling of relaxation and also reduce the effects of insomnia.

Indicas help one to develop a feeling of feeling sleepy, happy or euphoric. They are also known as night time strains since they help an individual to relax and also unwind at the end of the day.

They also have a higher percentage of cannabinoids which can make an individual’s body to be sedated. These cannabinoids include THC which alters an individual’s mental state and also treat depression and anxiety.

Indica also aids in reducing pain, nausea and helps to boost an individual’s appetite.

Indica strains include Bubba Kush, Afghan Kush, Granddaddy Purple, Northern Lights, Blueberry, Blue Cheese, White Rhino and Grape Ape.

Sativa strains

Sativa effects include the feeling of being euphoric, happy and energetic. They can be referred to as daytime strains because of making one active during the day. They make one feel focused and productive when doing his daily activities. Sativa strains are more likely preferred by individuals compared to indica strains. A number of health institutions stock it.

The most popular sativa strains include: Sour Diesel, Amnesia Haze, Durban Poison, Green Crack, Super Lemon Haze, Jack Herer and Super Silver Haze.

Common effects of sativa strains

It leads to increased creativity. If you consume sativa, you are more likely to have an increased knowledge to create new and better ideas.

It leads to expansion of the mind in that one is able to think critically in making decisions.

It increases the energy of an individual- most consumers take it to boost their energy levels before they can engage in any activity.


People have different experiences as far as Indica vs. Sativa strains are concerned. Patients are therefore advised not to consume cannabis without knowledge of which strain they are using.