Pros and Cons of Vaping THC

Pros and Cons of Vaping THC

Vaping comes from the noun vapour. It is an alternative method of cannabis consumption. Vaping involves heating cannabis (marijuana or weed) in dried or oil form to a temperature below combustion level. This heating produces a vapour that is inhaled. The cannabis vapour is then put in vape pens or cartridges to inhale in vapour form. On the other hand, smoking is the conventional mode of taking lighted weed rolls that burn at the tip. Smoking vs vaping THC analysis would assist us in knowing the better choice.

Pros of Vaping Marijuana

Several studies have been conducted on smoking vs vaping THC debates both online and in media. Vaping has several benefits compared to smoking.

Vaping has a more pronounced flavour.—Vaping generates a better-pronounced flavour than smoking. One can taste individual types of terpenes and cannabinoids of each strain distinctively. Smoking destroys these tastes and flavours.

Control over the temperature: You can control the temperatures throughout your vaping session by using adjustable heat settings on the vapouriser. Finding the most appropriate temperatures to vape weed may take you a while. However, through trial and error, one can find the best temperature. 

Efficient—Vaporizing marijuana allows you to slowly and efficiently obtain the cannabinoids. A single pack, therefore, can give you several sessions. Conversely, burning the cannabis to combustion turns it to ash which is useless.

No requirement of matches and lighters-Vaping is more convenient since it does not require an external heat source. You can comfortably enjoy your vape anywhere without getting stranded due to a lack of lighter. 

Privacy guarantee-A vape of cannabis does not result in much odour like smoking. Lack of smell means that after a session, you remain unnoticed, even if it’s during working hours and you need that boost.

Cons of Vaping Marijuana

The debate on smoking vs vaping THC cannot be complete without mentioning the cons of vaping.

Vaping requires a grinder-A grinder is needed to crush the weed to a fine powder for a vaporizer to work correctly. Grinding also increases the surface area, allowing the chemical components to be extracted efficiently.

The vaporizer must be charged or plugged in-If your vape device is not charged, you don’t get to enjoy your vape session. However, the portable vape device can last several smoking sessions before recharge.

It requires learning and practice-Unlike in smoking, where you puff and inhale on the roll. Vaping involves learning. It may take a few days before you learn how to vape and adjust the settings.

It is expensive-The vaping device may cost several dollars.


Smoking vs vaping THC is a debate that continues daily. From the above discussion, you can decide which of the two is better.