How marijuana edibles work when consumed

Edibles can be in any form as long as it contains marijuana ingredients in it. Some people eat edibles to treat symptoms of a disease while others eat to ease and relax stress. Despite the fact that you are sick, you should first consult a doctor before deciding to choose medicinal marijuana as medicine.    

Marijuana contains tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC, that causes people to feel high. Marijuana reacts differently depending with the body and how much has been consumed. This affects the duration it will take for it to pitch in and how high a person will be.  

Edibles have to be first digested where it’s absorbed by the stomach, goes through the intestines then to the liver, where THC is broken down and entered into the bloodstream. Therefore, it can last for about an hour or more for the effect to fully kick in. 

For someone who has not eaten anything before eating the edible is likely to be more high than someone who has eaten. A person’s previous experience with marijuana will also determine how they will feel. 

Start in small bits 

For someone who is just starting to eat marijuana edibles, it’s important to take in small amounts as you are starting buy weed online. This is to give yourself time to feel the impact on you and know whether it’s too much or too little then you can take more. You have to realize that taking too much for a beginner could lead to panic attacks. 

It’s not healthy for children below eighteen years to take any edibles unless it’s being taken for medical reasons and prescribed by the doctor. It can be illegal for a young person to take the edibles for fun for they might misuse them after taking them a few times. 

Overconsumption measures 

Marijuana does not have a toxic extent, meaning that you don’t not need to rush to the hospital unless some conditions might put you in danger. If you feel too high, keep calm. Marijuana can have a negative effect on some people and in case you feel you are not yourself and don’t understand much that is happening around, try to doze off to allow the high feeling to subside. 

Store safely 

Keep the edibles in a safe place away from pets, people, visitors or kids who have no idea what the edibles contain. Store them in covered containers, that is, not clear, to avoid them from being noticed.  


As you are enjoying your edibles, be careful not to become addicted to the high feeling and start eating on a daily basis. For those eating for medical reasons, inquire from the doctor the right amount that you should consume and also purchase the products from the right dispensary.