Exciting Discovery of Cooking with Cannabis

If you have not discovered how exciting it can be cooking with cannabis other than smoking, I have a piece for you here! 

The experience from the start to the finish is totally different from the usual inhalation method that has been in the know many years ago. 

Cannabis is so effective in our bodies due to our Endo Cannabinoid system, which is a series of receptors that responds to cannabis. 

There are several methods of consuming cannabis which includes cooking out the food we eat using it. 

This is basically the consumption of the weed in an infusion form which typically has long lasting and stronger effects. The effects of consuming cooked cannabis set in at a slower pace than the usual consumption by inhalation of harmful smoke. 

Cooking with cannabis is a great way of attaining much benefit of the plant. 

The most effective way of consuming cannabis by cooking is making can abutter. 

The nonbutter is prepared by method of decarboxylation of the weed The decarboxylation method basically involves heating the plant matter so that it becomes psychoactive. In order to decarboxylate the cannabis weed, find a straight that you particularly like and get an electrical once of it depending on how you want your substance to be. 

Procedurally, you require a hot air oven where it is pre- heated to 118 degrees Celsius or 245 degrees Fahrenheit. While the oven is heating, break up the weed into small pieces and spread them out flat on a flat baking tray. While the oven is at the appropriate temperature, set a timer for 30 minutes and place the tray in the oven. 

At an interval of 10 minutes, gently shake the tray to ensure that the entire plant is completely heated such that it crumbles on your hands and is golden brown in cooler. At this stage, the decarboxylation process is achieved. 

Once the cannabis has been decarboxylated, the butter can now be added to make the can abutter. 

Boil a litter of water and place 2-4 sticks of butter in it to melt. Once the butter is melted, bring the water to simmer and place the decarboxylated plant into the mixture. Let the butter to simmer as this make the cannabis more infused. 

The amount of butter to be put depends on the amount of cannabis you put also. It is recommendable to give the mixture a few more hours on low heat so as to infuse properly. 

This already made butter can now be used on preferred pastries. 

Cooking with cannabis butter is among the successful methods of attaining the benefit of cannabis without having to inhale smoke that is harmful to your healthy body. It is a new discovery that is worth a try. 

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