Differences Between Indica And Sativa

Indica and Sativa as strains of cannabis have constituted the very essence of preference as well as points of reference to users worldwide whenever discussing merits and demerits of this cultivar. Universally it is assumed that Indica induces general body relaxation, whereas Sativa excites the mental state inducing a sense of euphoria. However, these cannabis strains have peculiar characteristics, such that each crop or individual stock will yield completely different properties as a direct response to the conditions of cultivation. This essentially means that the same strain grown in different locations with different climatic conditions and soil types, will display a variety of properties. Subtle differences are noticeable in each plant’s aroma signature, color, and its effects.

The terms Indica and Sativa have come to mean different things to users and as such, cultivators have strived to classify their products accordingly and in tandem with cannabinoid content to satisfy this requirement. The difference between Indica and Sativa is in their physical expressions and internal composition otherwise, they share taxonomy. Indica is a short bushy shrub, with equally short and wide leaves of a darker green shade.  Indica also grows in cold conditions with minimum light and matures fast. The Sativa cultivar on the other hand grows tall and slender with thin long leaves of a lighter green shade and long cylindrical flowers. Sativa does well in warm climes with sufficient sunlight and is a slow grower.

The chemical compounds known as cannabinoids and terpenes dictate the internal differences between Indica and Sativa. In reality they share same compounds but with different ratio configurations. There are many compounds but two cannabinoids are dominant. These are cannabidiol or CBD oils online and tetrahydrocannibinol or THC present in both strains. In Indica the CBDs present in higher levels than the THC and the opposite is true in Sativa with higher levels of THC and low CBDs.

These internal differences dictate how each strain affects users. The CBDs are relaxants bringing about mental and body relaxation to users through increased release of dopamine in the brain. They also help relieve acute pain symptoms making Indica ideal for management of physical ailments. THCs are stimulants and very good for a “mental high.” They are good antidepressants and alleviate cases of anxiety. THCs help release serotonin in the brain stimulating focus, learning ability and creativity, as well as general mood lift. This mental stimulation makes Sativa a preferred choice for recreational users.Crossbreeding has greatly affected the individual traits originally separating Indica and Sativa to the extent that the difference between them is a thin line. However, since users still maintain a sentimental attachment to the assumed pedigree, cultivators are careful to oblige.