Cons Of Using CBD Oil While Cooking

Even as the demand for CBD oil continue to spiral all over the country owing to its immense benefits that it comes along with, many people do not have enough information on the same. This is because using the CBD oil in a manner that is not recommended can lead to serious side effects on your body. That is why it is important to use the oil with the doctor?s prescription so that you can know the right dosages that you need to ingest. This article therefore will delve into the cons that using CBD oil in cooking brings to the table, so that you can make an informed decision as to whether you need it or not.

Inhibits the p-glycoprotein enzyme

One of the staunch misgivings that using in cooking brings to the table is inhibiting the activities of the p-glycoprotein enzyme in your body. The p-glycoprotein is an enzyme in your body responsible for the normal functioning of the body by metabolizing on the drugs that you use. The CBD oil has a CBD compound which interacts with the medications as well as treatment that you give to your body, thus inhibiting this enzyme. Once the functions of the p-glycoprotein is inhibited, your body fails to react with the majority of medications that you take which in turns weakens your immune system.

Causes dry mouth

Another serious shortcoming that cooking with CBD oil has is causing dry mouth. The CBD oil contains the endocannabinoid compound which in turn inhibits the production of your saliva. This in turn reduces the amount of it in your mouth, which in turn leads to the unpleasant dry mouth. This is a very serious problem that can cause massive discomfort. This being the case therefore, you are required to take massive amounts of water, after eating foods cooked using the CBD oil, so as to provide the necessary moisture in your mouth. Never suffer from cotton mouth while there is a first aid that you can do to reduce the effects of dry mouth.

It has high levels of THC

CBD oil is manufactured from flowers and whole plant of the hemp as well as cannabis plant This being the case therefore, the oil contains both CBD and THC compounds in it. The THC compound is responsible for the high factor that you feel while you smoke cannabis When you take CBD oil in high quantities therefore, the high levels of THC reduces your ability to focus and think as well as causing you to feel dizzy and fatigued. That is why you are advised to use the right amount of dosage when cooking with the CBD oil.